Do you, or a friend in AA, need services related to a temporary or permanent disability? If so, the District 23 Accessibility Committee may be able to help carry the AA message. Volunteers may provide transportation to AA meetings and events, on-site meetings, Braille literature, interpreters, and other accessibility services to persons with disabilities such as:

  • mobility impairment, wheelchair or scooter users
  • blind, visually impaired, low vision
  • deaf, hard of hearing
  • chronic illness or condition
  • developmental disabilities
  • nonverbal
  • hospitalized / nursing home / long-term care facility
  • invisible or unnoticeable disability
  • mental disability

For a listing of wheelchair-accessible meetings:

  • Visit our Meeting Guide web page
  • Using the “Type” dropdown, select “Wheelchair Access”
  • This provides a list of all meetings with wheelchair access on any given day

Another option for anyone is to participate in meetings or groups online.

District 23 provides an online meeting using the Zoom platform. Details can be found here: Far & Near

Here is a directory of online meetings that is approved by the AA General Service Office:

Online Intergroup: Alcoholics Anonymous

NOTE: The Accessibility Committee does not provide rides or other services for non-disabled people. Email for information.