Annual Reports

The 70th Annual Meeting of the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous

Our Area 25 Delegate has recorded a video Delegate’s report regarding her experience at the virtual General Service Conference.   For those who want a sneak preview there is a video link below.  Remember, we will be having a live Zoom meeting Delegate report on Aug. 8th at 7:00PM where she will give the presentation and we can ask questions. More info to come.

The Sixty-Ninth Annual Meeting 

Our Big Book, 80 Years, 71 Languages

2019 Final Report

“Our Big Book — 80 Years, 71 Languages” was the theme of the recently concluded 69th General Service Conference, held in New York City May 19–25. As the Fellowship’s original “oldtimer in print” — also available digitally and as an audiobook — Alcoholics Anonymous, our basic text, has sold over 40 million copies, is available in 71 languages, and has helped carry the A.A. message in more than 180 countries around the world.




The Sixty-Eighth Annual Meeting

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